Inner Mongolia Honghuaerji Mongolian pine National Forest Park installation diary

2023.7.29                                Inner Mongolia                              Sunny                          Installation Dairy1



Early in the morning, we will go to the beautiful Inner Mongolia grassland.Only when you have been there can you know what is "the wind blows the grass and finds the sheep and cattle",what is fascinating, what is enjoy myself so much as to forget to go home.

  But we didn't go there empty-handed, but with a lot of sincerity and our 10 different models of space capsule products.We loaded them on the semi-trailers the same day and arrived the next day.The destination is Inner Mongolia Honghuaerji Mongolian pine National Forest Park.This place is in the north of China,and there are the forests,so it's really cool,really perfect for summer.

This time, the buyer placed orders extremely quickly,in less than two weeks, all relevant matters have been negotiated with us and then pack up all the stock in our warehouse and take them to the beautiful park.And we don't talk nonsens,fast scheduling, fast shipping, fast installation.

mobile prefab housespace capsule house

Upon arrival at the scene,water and electricity interfaces are readily available, as long as we connect, it can run normally, very convenient.Hoisting, placing, and making good interfaces are done in one go, without too much time or effort.Whether you're driving or walking in the woods,The mottled light and shadow fill every corner, so that this forest is full of a thick mysterious atmosphere. The wonders of nature are self-evident. In this vast land, you can enjoy the wind blowing through the trees; You can enjoy the warmth of the sun, and fortunately, you also have our Space Capsule House, sitting in the Space Capsule House, the floor-to-ceiling Windows and skylight, you have the panoramic view of the scenery. You can also sit on the open balcony, enjoy the forest oxygen bar, feel this beautiful and comfortable.

1 bedroom modular housemobile prefab house

After the installation, we reluctantly returned to our hometown, as if our thoughts were still in that steppe, that space capsule house...

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