01-28 -2024
As long as you have land, you can consider using a space capsule house as a homestay

Compared to traditional fixed buildings, the exterior design of space capsule mobile houses is full of a sense of technology, as if taking tourists into a future world.

01-26 -2024
Using space capsule houses to make homestays, that could be a strange thing if you can’t make money!

With the development of technology, space capsule mobile housing, as a new type of accommodation experience, is gradually becoming a new favorite in the homestay industry. This type of mobile cabin homestay not only provides unique accommodation options, but also brings unprecedented travel experiences to tourists.

01-24 -2024
Have you ever seen a house that can be moved anytime, anywhere?

In recent years, an emerging way of living - space capsule mobile housing - has gradually emerged, and its biggest feature is that it can be moved anytime, anywhere. Compared to traditional fixed houses, space capsule mobile houses have many advantages, providing people with more flexible and convenient living options.

01-23 -2024
Why not choose a space capsule house instead of rent a house

Space capsule mobile housing, as an emerging way of living, has gradually gained popularity among young people due to its low cost, convenient accommodation, and comfortable living environment

01-21 -2024
Space Capsule Mobile House: Embarking on a New Outdoor Living Experience

In a small town abroad, an innovative idea is quietly spreading. That is to place the space capsule mobile house in the client's yard, which can not only serve as a mischievous castle for children, but also as a secret base for weekend friend gatherings. This idea not only brings new vitality to the yard, but also brings people an unprecedented outdoor living experience.

01-19 -2024
Your garden still lacks such a spaceship, right

Abroad, space capsule mobile homes have become mischievous castles for children in client yards and secret bases for weekend friend gatherings. This novel and unique design and creativity bring people a different experience and fun.

01-17 -2024
Space Module Mobile House: Poetic Dwelling on the Peak

Between the verdant mountains, there is a unique homestay with the theme of a space capsule mobile house, providing tourists with a harmonious accommodation experience coexisting with nature. Here, you can fall asleep peacefully in the magnificent scenery and share beautiful times with family and friends. It is the "space capsule house living in the scenery".

01-16 -2024
Living in the scenery, it's strange that such a homestay is not very popular!

At the top of Mogan Mountain, there is a delightful space capsule mobile house homestay with the theme of "living in the scenery", allowing guests to truly enjoy the beauty of nature by watching the sunrise in the morning and sunset in the evening. This homestay has become an ideal place for couples, families taking care of children, grandparents and grandchildren, and friends to gather on weekends.

01-14 -2024
Energy consumption of space capsule mobile housing

The energy consumption of space capsule mobile homes reflects their emphasis on sustainability and environmental protection.

01-12 -2024
Construction and maintenance costs of space capsule mobile house

Although the initial investment is relatively high, due to the durability and sustainability of the space capsule mobile housing, it may save more maintenance and replacement costs in the long run.

01-10 -2024
Today, I will introduce to you the application of space capsule mobile houses

The Application of Space Capsule Mobile Houses in Real Life

01-09 -2024
Friends, do you want to live in space?

If you are full of expectations for your future life, then a space capsule mobile house is definitely your best choice!

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