01-07 -2024
Space capsule Mobile House: A Poetic Habitat for Cultivating one's self-cultivation

The space capsule mobile house is made of high-strength and lightweight materials, which have good insulation and thermal performance, allowing residents to feel comfortable and pleasant indoor temperature. Meanwhile, its unique design makes the house movable, allowing people to easily change their living environment while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

01-05 -2024
Space Module Mobile House - Return to Yard

Let's stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, return to the courtyard of the space capsule mobile villa, feel the beauty of life, and seek inner peace. Here, we can fully enjoy the gifts of nature and feel the endless charm of life.

01-03 -2024
Future planning for space capsule mobile housing in 2024

Space capsule mobile homes are expected to achieve broader market coverage, deeper technological innovation, and better customer experience in the new year, thus standing out in the fiercely competitive market.

01-02 -2024
End of Year Summary of 2023 Space Module Mobile Housing

The mobility of space capsule mobile houses is also one of its major advantages. It can move anytime and anywhere, allowing you to choose to reach a peaceful mountainous area and enjoy the beauty of nature anytime and anywhere after enjoying the prosperity of the city. This mobility makes space capsule mobile homes particularly popular among tourists during peak tourist seasons, becoming a new type of tourism accommodation.

12-31 -2023
Packaging method for the export of Etong space module mobile house

Through the export of flat racks at Dalian Port, the Etong Space Module mobile housing can smoothly reach various parts of the world.

12-29 -2023
Etong Space Module Mobile House exported at Dalian Port

China's Etong Space Module Mobile House is attracting the attention of the international market with its unique design and excellent performance. This modern residential unit is not only popular in the domestic market of China, but also exported to the world.

12-27 -2023
China's manufacturing strength and technological innovation achievements have made rapid progress

In the future development, we look forward to seeing more innovative products similar to Etong Space Module mobile homes, bringing more beautiful living experiences to global consumers.

12-26 -2023
Modern Residential Solutions Going Global

Etong Space Module Mobile House, with its unique design and excellent performance, has been successfully exported to many countries, providing modern living solutions for global consumers.

12-24 -2023
The advantages of the space capsule mobile housing produced by Yitong Company

As a green, environmentally friendly, and convenient form of homestay, space capsule mobile houses have good development prospects in scenic areas. It can reduce environmental damage and provide unique accommodation experiences for tourists, becoming a new highlight of homestays in scenic areas.

12-22 -2023
Space Module Mobile House: Creating a Green and Environmentally Friendly Homestay Experience in Scenic Spots

With the development of tourism, the homestay industry is becoming increasingly prosperous. However, traditional homestay construction often requires environmental damage and consumes a large amount of resources. Nowadays, a new form of homestay - space capsule mobile house homestay has emerged, which has the advantages of green environmental protection and convenient mobility, and has become a new choice for scenic homestays.

12-20 -2023
Spacecraft Mobile House: A Flexible and Versatile Living Space

With the development of technology and people's pursuit of quality of life, space capsule mobile houses have gradually become an emerging form of housing.

12-19 -2023
Space capsule mobile houses are widely used abroad

With the continuous development of technology, people's demand for housing is also constantly changing. Traditional fixed houses can no longer meet the needs of some people, so space capsule mobile houses have emerged. This new form of housing has been widely used abroad, becoming a fashionable, environmentally friendly, and practical choice for housing.

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