Living in the scenery, it's strange that such a homestay is not very popular!

2024-01-16 15:00

At the top of Mogan Mountain, there is a delightful space capsule mobile house homestay with the theme of "living in the scenery", allowing guests to truly enjoy the beauty of nature by watching the sunrise in the morning and sunset in the evening. This homestay has become an ideal place for couples, families taking care of children, grandparents and grandchildren, and friends to gather on weekends.

The design of the space capsule mobile house is novel and unique, integrating technology and natural elements, giving people a sense of the future. The house is constructed with environmentally friendly materials, and its appearance blends seamlessly with the surrounding natural environment, as if it is a building from the future. The interior decoration of the space capsule house is simple and elegant, equipped with comfortable beds, modern facilities, and spacious observation windows. Guests can fully enjoy the magnificent scenery here.

The room prices in this homestay are quite expensive, and one room can be sold for 1888 yuan per day. Although the prices are relatively high, tourists continue to flock in, and the scenery is beautiful, and the reputation of homestays is also very good. Guests can enjoy comfortable accommodation while also experiencing the charm of nature, making it a popular tourist destination.

The homestay mode of the space capsule mobile house has achieved great success on the Mogan Mountain. It not only provides guests with a brand new accommodation experience, but also brings them closer to nature and enjoys beautiful scenery. Whether it's a romantic vacation for couples, a warm family outing, a family reunion for three generations, or a weekend gathering with friends, this is an excellent choice.

In short, as the development direction of homestays, space capsule mobile houses have achieved significant results on the Mogan Mountain. It not only provides a comfortable accommodation environment, but also allows guests to experience the wonderful experience of living in the scenery. The homestay business here is booming, with beautiful scenery and a good reputation, making it a vacation destination that many people aspire to. It's really great to use a space capsule house as a homestay.

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