• ETONG T40 38m² Aluminum alloy mobile prefabricated house
  • ETONG T40 38m² Aluminum alloy mobile prefabricated house
  • ETONG T40 38m² Aluminum alloy mobile prefabricated house
  • ETONG T40 38m² Aluminum alloy mobile prefabricated house
  • ETONG T40 38m² Aluminum alloy mobile prefabricated house
  • ETONG T40 38m² Aluminum alloy mobile prefabricated house

ETONG T40 38m² Aluminum alloy mobile prefabricated house

Product origin:
Shenyang, China
Delivery time:
Within 30-60 days
Supply capacity:
300 sets/month
ETONG T40 38m² Aluminum alloy mobile prefabricated house

1. The spacious interior space of the 409ft² Aluminum alloy mobile prefabricated house allows you to enjoy comfortable living and entertainment.
2. The Mobile Eco Capsule House can be customized to suit individual needs and preferences.
3. Mobile Eco Capsule Tent provides a sense of privacy and security that traditional apartment living does not have.

Introduction of 38m² Aluminum alloy mobile prefabricated house:

Mobile homes are also called integrated houses or detachable houses. Mobile homes are a new type of construction. It is a bedroom that is easy to assemble and move. The emergence of mobile homes is a revolutionary leap in architectural design concepts. It is conceivable that the future construction site will no longer be full of dust and machines roaring. The process of building a house is just placing the building blocks manufactured by Gongguang in a prefabricated structure like building blocks, which will bring huge changes to the construction industry.

409ft²Aluminum alloy mobile prefabricated house

Specifications of 38m² Aluminum alloy mobile prefabricated house:

AppearanceWith balcony
Dimensions11500mm X 3300mm X3200mm
Floor area38 ㎡
Number of users2-4
Power consumption11KW

mobile homes

Advantages of mobile homes:

1. Mobile homes are prefabricated houses that can be towed from a manufacturing plant to a residential base. Today, most mobile homes are used as dwellings in a fixed location.

2. Most mobile homes are equipped with bedrooms, curtains and appliances. Many countries impose width restrictions on vehicles traveling on public roads. As a result, some mobile homes have sliding or river-folding side walls to reduce the width of the house when transported: others are shipped open in parts and assembled after arriving at the homestead.

3. Traditionally, the Mobile Eco Capsule Tent is placed on the leased plot of the mobile house parking lot, and the water, electricity, postal service and other services are all available in the parking lot. However, many mobile homes are now placed on individual plots. The Mobile Eco Capsule Tent can be installed on available foundations or anchored to the ground with cables or steel straps.

4. Mobile Eco Capsule House has the advantages of high protection, long service life, and repeated use, and its price is much lower than that of ordinary houses. Its assembly period is very short, and water and electricity can also be configured inside gas. Mobile Eco Capsule House will not generate a lot of construction waste during the assembly process, and as long as the parts are not damaged when folded and assembled, it can be recycled many times.

Mobile Eco Capsule House

ETONG's design team tailors space design schemes for customers, and carries out planning and design according to the actual situation of the project and customer requirements, including consultation, overall planning, space design, traffic analysis and supporting facilities, construction drawings, etc., and the professional technical team guides the installation .

Liaoning Yitong Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (ETONG) was established in 2016, headquartered in Shenyang,Liaoning province.At present the main business are space capsule mobile house and mobile barrier explosion-proof refueling device.

The factory covers an area of 23,260 square meters. There are more than 100 staffs, including management, research and development, design, technical service personnel. Design, R&D and technical personnel account for more than 45% of the total staff, among which senior titles account for more than 15%, all kinds of professional and technical personnel up to 70%. Com pany established a comprehensive and complete technical service team system.

409ft²Aluminum alloy mobile prefabricated housemobile homes

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