Benxi Guanshan Lake Wujielehuo Hot Spring Hotel Installation Diary

9.27                               Benxi                                               Sunny                                       Installation Diary 5

    Each city in Liaoning Province has its own characteristics. Today we are ready to go to Benxi customer site. For the city of Benxi, it can be said that "although the sparrow is small, the five viscera are complete." Benxi itself is not large, and as a mountain city, rugged, a short distance of several thousand meters, ups and downs are so much. Walking is 'difficult', just walked a kilometer like walking three kilometers, can be said to be a good place for people who like to walk for exercise. Unexpectedly, the air is surprisingly good, overlooking the mountains and rivers, and the trees are mixed. If you live here after retirement, you can enjoy the years.

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    The local famous sheep soup, its soup fresh, tender meat is indescribable. After eating, I went straight to the customer site, and felt only full of shock. it is like a paradise in the world, and it makes people sigh at the uncanny workmanship of nature every time. Imprisoned in the city for a long time, we have never been so deeply integrated with nature. Its mountains, blue water, blue sky, jungle,feeling quiet, comfortable, relaxed, selfless, all let people linger, the space capsule prefabricated house is right here, it is placed on the stone, perfect integration, a little experience, it can be said that the sentence 'no misic to bother your ears, no work to bother your body' of the sense of relaxation.

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     If I had taken a fishing rod at that time, this should be the place where I am most willing to sit for a day, I even imagine that I am sitting here fishing, my lover is sunbathing on the balcony, drinking tea, feeling the natural oxygen bar, the two people look at each other, a pleasant and happy harmonious scene, which is rare in life. Unfortunately, I didn't bring my fishing rod, I didn't live in the mobile house, and I don't have a lover either.

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