Jilin Changchun Tiandingshan town installation diary

2023.8.13                                  Changchun                                  Cloudy                                                            Installation diary 4

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   In today's society, everyone feels pressure on the life of urbanization, going to work and going home has become a habit, most young people yearn for a freer and happier life, so tourism has become a hot spot among young people. In recent years, when it comes to the holiday period, the major scenic spots have been on fire, whether it is the familiar Great Wall, or the middle streets of Shenyang's business district, etc., the traffic is heavy and crowded, making people breathless. As a result, in the pursuit of quiet and cozy among young people, tourist towns have become popular. Tourist towns in different cities have their own characteristics, some near the mountains and rivers, becoming a green tourist town; Some have a history of hundreds of years and have become ancient tourist towns; Some are located in commercial centers and have become department store towns with everything. And we went today, is Changchun Tiandingshan town which is near the mountains and rivers.

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Tiandingshan Town, as a national 4A level tourist attraction, is built on the mountain and beside the water, with unique geographical location and snow and ice resources. The park is built on the basis of not changing the original landform and not destroying the original vegetation. The park covers an area of 1.38 million square meters, with 142 ice buildings and snow sculptures, which can be called a world-class ice and snow theme park in terms of the amount of ice and snow. The park is integrated into Changchun's car business card and movie business card. Thanks to the composite insulation material filled in the wall and three layers of insulating glass of our space capsule house, it has a very excellent cold protection effect, and it is equipped with floor heating, which becomes the perfect living place to watch the ice construction and snow sculpture in winter.

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If you are still not satisfied after viewing the ice building and snow sculptures, you can also go skiing at Tiandingshan Ski Resort. The space inside the space capsule house is big enough for your ski gear. Bring your ski equipment, enjoy a ski race, come back, gradually recover your temperature in the space capsule house floor heating, and sleep and relax in Tiandingshan Town, really can be said to be the most beautiful experience of the holiday.

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