Sichuan Chengdu Jiang 'an farm installation diary

2023.8.10                                  Chengdu City                                Cloudy                        Installation Diary 3

    I have been to Chengdu city once, Chengdu is really very perfect. Its scenery is beautiful, there is not too much light pollution or air pollution, everything,tall buildings or country roads are so just right, are so refreshing. It is also the capital of food, people's fixed impression of Chengdu is a place where everywhere is spicy, but its non-spicy food is equally mouth-watering. At the same time, its economy is very good, the shopping area is rich and comprehensive, and the scene of this makes people feel that it is indeed a holy place to live or travel.

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 Following the road, we came to Jiang 'an Farm in Chengdu, which is a place where people can feel relaxed. When the wind blows, there is a sound of passing over the wheat fields, and the wind brings a smell of earth. I think, if I stay in the city for a long time, this place must be a place where I can temporarily forget all my troubles. The addition of several space capsule houses is the icing on the cake. Living in an environment like this, in a space capsule house, walking down the steps to the green field when you want to relax, must be the best way for modern city people to relax. After enjoying the visual feast and natural oxygen bar, returning to the space capsule house for a good night's sleep is a priceless experience

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You don't have to worry about not being able to eat, the place is not far from the city of Chengdu, you can order takeout on your mobile phone, you can also ride a bike to the city to eat, of course, if you feel that the food outside is not clean, you can also choose the one with kitchen, do it yourself makes plenty of food.

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