Dalian Changxing Island coastal park installation diary

2023.8.5                                         Dalian                                Cloudy                                   Installation Diary2


Summer is hot, coinciding with the hottest time of the year. That is, when it is hottest, people always want to take a shower and play with water, so as to lower their temperature and bring a bit of cool to life. In Liaoning Province, everyone most want to swim in the water is Yingkou or Dalian, then we followed the team to transport the space capsule mobile house came to the beautiful Dalian Changxing Island coastal park.


mobile prefab homes

Although the park is still in the installation, decoration, but can not stop people want to see the sea, play water enthusiasm, the vast sea beach there are still a lot of tourists playing, very lively. We also start our own work as soon as possible, and strive to let everyone stay in the space capsule house as soon as possible and enjoy the beauty of the blue sky and clear water. One step into the beach of coastal Park, I only feel that the sand is very delicate and soft, its blue sea is boundless, and its scenery can only feel immersed in it at a glance, which is very beautiful, and with our space capsule house, it can be said to be icing on the cake and complement each other.

prebuilt modular homes for salespace capsule house

   The purpose of the second renovation is to attract more tourists to enjoy the beautiful sea view of Changxing Island, while optimizing various services in its scenic area. The completion of this construction must be very beautiful, imagine such a scene: Came to coastal Park beach, play in the sea, near noon, the sun is booming, deep island to find special snacks, after eating and drinking enough to return to the space capsule house in the afternoon, blowing air conditioning, close the curtains, enjoy the nap time, after getting up is also the sun setting, continue to walk around the island, after dinner, walk in the beach, chat, tired and return to the space capsule house, It is very pleasant to enjoy the sea view through the floor-to-ceiling Windows and the moon and stars through the skylight.

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